Monday, March 9, 2015



"DEAD IS BETTER is not just beautifully written but weirdly moving and funnier than death should be and with a dog like Rosie, the afterlife is sweeter than I could have ever hoped for."

--Jervey Tervalon

In the interest of full disclosure, I am biased by a 25 year friendship with Jo Perry.  I knew this book would be great before I read it because every letter, poem, note that she's ever written has been written and edited so beautifully that I have saved all of them.
AND you bet it's great!  As the daughter of a master comedy writer (Charles Lee), Jo's genetically acquired sly wit and grouchy characters enrich an ingenious plot so that by the end you have been persuaded to 
1. Believe in her version of the afterlife
2. Enjoy erudite quotations even though panting for the next chapter
3. Form an immediate crack-like addiction that wants another 
     and  another and another


A String of Beads, by Thomas Perry

Another excellently engineered thriller from Thomas Perry featuring Jane Whitefield. . . . Soul-searching and car chases too. What more could we ask from an escape artist like Perry?”—New York Times Book Review

A String of Beads by Thomas Perry