Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finis, Adios, Hasta la Vista

Happy Trails to You

With Sadness and a little Thrill for the next adventure, thereallylittlebookstore must say
I have loved chatting with you and sharing the enthusiasm we all have for a quirky, or deep, or entertaining volume and will truly miss our pleasant exchanges.

I am as yet undecided if I will continue to blog about books, but today I 'll tell you a little of my wish list for you.

Absolutely first pick is the new thriller from Thomas Perry, STRIP,  a timely title given the need for every tv show or movie to have a scene with a stripper pole, however that is not the only meaning in this provocative title.  It is for you to read to reveal the mystery.

Some of my favorite art books are the large volume of Japanese Prints published by The Art Institute of Chicago, then Lynn Davis and Sally Mann for exquisite, large format photographic prints.
The most recent picture book by Lynn Davis is called
Space Project and I'm delighted to say that Alden Richards, my husband's business partner, made the project possible.  And Dick helped too.  It is possible to open these books over and over and never lose the vitality of the first look.

 Next I would ask you to buy
The Chambers Dictionary.  An insouciant and raffish version of our go-to Book of Knowledge.

You can still buy the follow-on volumes to Mary Poppins if you hurry and they are 25% off at GFGT.  Not simply as good, but I believe better than the first one are  Mary Poppins in the Park, Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door.  These are treasured childhood friends and I hope you'll acquaint yourself with them.

In the same category is The Little Princess, a tale of utterly alluring martyrdom able to heal every childhood injustice.

The original cataloguer of injustice, Edward Gorey, any volume, is your man.  Your dark, brooding, hairy man wearing plimsoles.

In conclusion, please visit the store before the shelves are empty. I'm planning to be there Tuesdays until the middle of July and would love to have a chat.  After July visit me through my website,

                                             Til We Meet Again

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