Saturday, February 6, 2010

"I am Mr. Right! You are Miss Distinct Possibility. Your parents are Mr. & Mrs. Obscenely Rich. Your uncle is Mr. Expert Tax Lawyer. Your Cousin is Ms. Spare Apartment on a Caribbean Hideaway That She Rarely Uses. Your brother is Mr. Can Fix You Up a Fake Passport For a Small Fee. .."

"...Man, 51, Box no. 1407"

Just in, Sexually, I'm More of a Switzerland, the follow on to They Call Me Naughty Lola, created from the personal ads of The London Review of Books. 
Erudite, pretentious, hysterically funny, this is my cup of tea!

If you're not certain that  your love life is funny, then swing by for a copy of Love Stories , an anthology as alluring, moving, and intoxicating as its timeless theme.

While he's rubbing your feet,  share your heart from the cocoa room, an addictive, contemporary take on M&Ms:

And a last suggestion:
'nuff said.

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