Monday, March 8, 2010


Where did the month go? 
If you're like me, your Olympics viewing schedule took precedence over everything

What could top watching Johnny Weir pirouette across the ice in a velvet corset? 
I'm confident that our beloved bedazzled ice king (queen?) would love B is for Bad Poetry as much as I do.  Among these literary gems are "Popeye, Hamlet & Sartre", "Despair, Party of One",  "Donner Party Review". So wrong it has to be right (kind of like those feathered cuffs on Lysacek).  Don your most garish reading glasses and get ready for to experience as much schadenfreude as when we watched the scarily-costumed ice dancer wipe out. 

When Ted Ligety is back in his neon ensembles and ready to train, he can carbo-load for the next big competition with delicious colcannon and oatcakes courtesy of the appetizing  The Country Cooking of Ireland.  With artisanal butters and cheeses culled from local markets, Ireland is the latest culinary hotspot.  Besides tempting recipes, you'll savor the beautiful illustrations and snippets of song and poetry from the Old Country.

We're charmed by Randall Jerrell's The Gingerbread Rabbit.  Nope, it's not about Shaun White.  Heartwarming illustrations, a crafty fox, and a devoted mother make this bunny tale as sweet as can be.  Just add the perfect tucking-in!

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights is inspirational  - if we make the recipes will we look like the lovely Sophie Dahl?  With a grandfather like Roald Dahl (who loved food very much - see James and the Giant Peach), she has put her genes to yet another brilliant endeavor.

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